Why do you choose WooCommerce Website

Woo-commerce is the  best eCommerce extension/plugin of WordPress, the most popular content management system, powering 25% of all the websites worldwide. Woo-commerce continues to grow dramatically. When you click on “entire Website in Internet”, the data says that 42% of all the stores online are running Woo-commerce. Woo-commerce provides great services, powerful features, it’s very easy to manage by everyone, and… it’s free. Woo-commerce allows you to sell pretty much anything you want. This includes digital goods, subscriptions, and appointments.

Easy setup of  WooCommerce ?

Ready WordPress

As Woo-commerce is the plugin for WordPress CMS, you need to have the WordPress pre-installed. If you do not have the WordPress pre-installed and/or looking some help for installing and configuring it, there are tons of resources available on Google, you can also follow WordPress org to install and configure your site.

Download and install the WooCommerce plugin

Login to the Dashboard of your WordPress setup, then go to Plugins > Add new > Then search for WooCommerce in the top right corner > and click Install now  and “Activate it”. The setup wizard will guide you to configure your WooCommerce store based on your location, currency and product type.

WooCommerce Settings

You can update the setting of your store anytime by visiting WooCommerce > Settings, there you can setup General setting, Product, Shipping, Payments, Accounts & Privacy,Emails,Advanced  pages and email template settings.

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